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March 18: Software Patents-Implications, Strategy and Valuation

March 19: Making IT Flow: Applying Lean Inventive Systems Thinking to Knowledge Work

The workshop stitches together Crafitti’s experiments, experiential learning and future outlook on two key aspects of software innovation — patents and processes.

Software based systems are increasingly ubiquitous, evolving at a breakneck pace, driven by innovative products and services and in the process becoming more and more complex. Complex systems hide inefficiencies, risks and wastes. Overcoming this complexity requires new non-linear approaches to design, implement and maintain these systems.

While software continues to play an increasingly important role in innovation, protecting and exploiting the value embedded in software IP has proved to be difficult.

March 18: Software Patents-Implications, Strategy and Valuation

  • How to protect innovations that involve software?
  •   Can software be patented? How has the concept of software patents evolved?
  •   At what rate and in which directions is software technology evolving? How should I identify the most promising R&D areas?
  •   What is the value of my software IP? What are the parameters that influence this value? How to capture and measure these parameters?
  •   How does my software IP impact my company’s current and future business strategy?
  •   How to use patent information to future-proof my enterprise?

Participants will

  •   Get hands-on with TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) to analyze software patents
  • Learn to craft IP strategy and link it with R&D, technology and business strategies using the Analytic Hierarchy Process.
  • Learn about network analysis methods and their applications to patent portfolio analysis.
  • Be exposed to Crafitti’s multi Dimensional Multi Perspective methodology for patent valuation, specifically tailored for software IP.

March 19: Making IT Flow: Applying Lean Inventive Systems Thinking to Knowledge Work

  • Are you spending a lot of extra effort in implementing processes for productivity improvement? Are you finding these processes to be disconnected with the problems they are meant to solve?
  • Does your project management dashboard have a lot of metrics?
  • Are you finding it increasingly difficult to link productivity improvement to  customer value and satisfaction?
  • Are you grappling with requirements churn, large number of defects, long unanticipated rework cycles?
  • Do you see a lack of creativity and innovation due to process fatigue at the grassroots level?

If YES, this workshop will help you find answers.

Participants will

  • Be exposed to Set-based Concurrent Engineering, an approach pioneered by Toyota in it’s product design and development cycles and adapted by Crafitti for software contexts.
  • Experience Crafitti’s Lean Inventive Systems Thinking approach to improve knowledge work productivity  - an integrated approach for continuous experimentation, creativity and learning
  • Learn simple yet powerful tools and techniques that can be applied in live work contexts with immediate benefits






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March 18, 2010 — 3:00 pm to
March 19, 2010 — 11:00 pm

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Evoma Business Centre
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